Building Survey in Manchester - discovering mould under plasterboard

What is a Building Survey?

In essence, a building survey is an in-depth report detailing any structural defects and other issues which may be of concern such as damp or insufficient insulation, ensuring that materials are meeting industry standards and providing advice on the urgency of any needed repairs and the likelihood of ongoing maintenance. This helps potential buyers really get to grips with the ins and outs of the property they are interested in so an informed decision can be made as to whether or not the investment is right for them.

It’s important to understand that a valuation and a survey are two very different things. Valuations simply give an estimate of what a property is worth, which is useful if you plan to take out finance on a property or in the event of a matrimonial dispute. Surveys, which should only be carried out by a qualified professional, will give you an idea of any unexpected costs you may incur after purchase, essential if you don’t want the dream home you saved so hard for to become too expensive to keep.

This is why Right Surveyors Manchester Ltd. are here to help. Chris Newman FRICS NDEA RegVal, our local director, is an experienced chartered surveyor who has gained the highest level of membership with the R.I.C.S. With a career spanning over 30 years he is well accustomed to providing a professional service including an array of surveying options. He is also a registered valuer. Whatever your needs Chris and his team have the expertise you’re looking for.

We provide a range of services to our clients in the Manchester area. These are just some of the specialist property services we offer:

  • HomeBuyers Report (RICS)
  • House Purchase Survey Report
  • Full Building Survey (RICS)
  • Verbal Acquisition Advice
  • Buildings Reinstatement Valuations
  • Experts reports for court purposes

If you need help with something you can't see in the list above, please do get in touch. We have a large network of property professionals and it's very likely we can find someone to help you.

Right Surveyors Building Surveys in Manchester

Surveys and Assessments

These are just some of the specialist property services we offer in the Manchester area:

  • Full Building Survey (RICS)
  • House Purchase Survey Report
  • HomeBuyers Report (RICS)
  • Verbal Acquisition Advice
  • Buildings Reinstatement Valuations
  • Expert reports for court purposes
  • Project Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Planning advice
  • Party Wall and Boundary advice

Is Manchester too far away?

Don't worry if you're just outside our catchment area. Another trusted member of the Right Surveyors may well be able to help you.

Visit the Right Surveyors hub for details on all our practices and easily find your local property professional.

Our key property services...

RICS HomeBuyer Report in Manchester - Red brick wall

RICS HomeBuyer Report

The HomeBuyer report is one of our most popular surveys as its clear, jargon-free content distills the majority of the information buyers and sellers need to know about the property. This Includes:

  • a list of anything the surveyor feels may affect the property’s value
  • defects that may need to be addressed in order to avoid any long-term damage
  • advice on any repairs or on-going maintenance required
  • advice on whether there might be legal matters to address before continuing
  • information on the location and the local area

The HomeBuyer Report is unsuitable for properties constructed in or before the Victorian period. Clients wishing to purchase this type of property are advised to consider a RICS Building Survey.

House Purchase Survey Report - Ceramic tiling

RICS Building Survey

This is the most comprehensive survey available from your RICS registered chartered surveyor. Particularly useful when dealing with old, perhaps listed properties or those which have been significantly altered, it can advise you of any serious defects which may be potentially dangerous. This report includes:

  • Information on discernible defects and potential problems which may arise due to hidden flaws
  • Advice on needed repairs and your options
  • Advice for your legal team including anything that may cause serious risk or danger

Without sacrificing quality this report focuses on what you need to know, providing all the information required to make an informed decision ahead of a purchase. Similar to the HomeBuyer’s Survey, it reports on areas directly affecting the value of the property whilst also highlighting any issues that may affect day-to-day life.

RICS Building Survey - Large stone render

The House Purchase Survey report

This report acts as a ‘middle ground’ between the HomeBuyer Report and the Building Survey. It contains the same type of information addressed in the Building Survey but in a less detailed and more condensed format, as well as detailing anything that may affect the property’s value in much the same way as the HomeBuyer Report.

Whilst you will still receive more structural analysis than you would with the HomeBuyer Report alone, the information is by no means excessive and is still written in the Homebuyer Report’s easily understandable style. Thereby saving you time as well as proving a more cost-effective option.

This is our most popular survey as it is suitable for the majority of properties – whether large, small, commercial or residential – and has satisfied the needs of most of our clients.

RICS Condition Report - Half exposed brickwork

Single Fault Assessment

A single fault assessment is the ideal option where there is just one particular area of concern about your property. This can be undertaken either before or after purchase, and is one of the best value surveys.

This involves the surveyor visiting the property to analyse the particular defect or fault in question, they will then produce a formal letter detailing their findings. Usually this includes the probable (if not definitive) cause and the severity of the damage and a list of possible remedies.

This is where engaging a local surveyor is particularly advantageous. With Chris and the team’s expert experience and knowledge of Manchester and the local areas they will be able to advise whether or not the fault is common to your environment and the risks (if any) of reoccurrence.

Manchester Surveyors is a trading name of Right Surveyors East Anglia Ltd, serving Manchester and the surrounding area. Company Registration Number: 07971238.
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